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Family Violence Program Director Bonnie Loiodice from Family Services of Southea

Small talk among cosmetologists and their clients is an
everyday occurrence, helping pass the time during a perm, coloring or pedicure. In fact, out of a list of “10 Customer Service Tips Cosmetology Students Need to Remember,” the Top 3 include greeting, conversing with and listening to their clients. But are hairdressers really prepared for what they might hear? And what if the conversation leads to signs that the client is a victim of spousal abuse?


Orange County could soon see a change in swimming regulations near the boat ramp. At Orange County Commissioners Court on Monday, June 10, Texas Parks and Wildlife Warden Phillip LeDoux told commissioners he believes swimmers utilizing the area under the Cow Bayou Bridge at Highway 87 are causing a hazard to boaters and putting themselves in peril.

Veronica Lynn Grant

Former Rose City city secretary Veronica Lynn Grant, aka Veronica Jarrell Grant, mysteriously fired in August 2012, was arrested May 16 on charges of theft by a public servant.

Beaumont City Councilman and local attorney Mike Getz reading The Examiner at th

As the Beaumont Independent School District Board of Trustees prepares for its final budget meeting before adopting a fiscal plan for the coming school year, the agency is looking to fill a deficiency in the millions. Prior budget meetings have failed to elicit a meeting of the minds on how to cover the anticipated shortfall.

Meeting 1 – Bare bones

Tanya Shie, a University of Houston pharmacy intern, checks Beaumont resident Ne

Southeast Texas seniors had an opportunity to speak with a dietician and a pharmacy team about health concerns, pick up a few healthy cooking tips and learn how to recognize healthy foods while shopping for groceries as Cigna HealthSpring and HEB partnered together to offer Health Awareness Day at the HEB Dowlen location in Beaumont on Tuesday, June 7.