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University of Texas president Gregory Fenves announced Wednesday, Feb. 17, that he has decided on policies for University of Texas at Austin that would allow concealed handguns in UT classrooms.

Cory Crenshaw, Ernest Bost, Nancy Flores, and Jesse Branick with the portrait

Full of love, laughter, and friendship. That’s how Lupe’s remembered.

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Early primary voting began Feb. 16, and voters have a lot to consider, but after deciding who to vote for in the election, voters need only find a polling location to exercise their constitutional right to choose their representatives.


By Kathie Platt

Special to The Examiner


Geralyn Lucas, 20-year cancer survivor, author, speaker and mom from New York City was wowed by Texas-style chivalry as she was ushered onto the stage during her recent speaking engagement at the Gift of Life Survivor Celebration at the MCM Eleganté on Thursday, Feb. 4. In fact, she described everything about her Southeast Texas experience as an immersion in charm, warmth and hospitality. 


The Avon Breast Health Outreach Program has awarded a $45,000 one-year grant to the Julie Rogers Gift of Life Program to increase awareness of the life-saving benefits of early detection of breast cancer. It is the sixth year that the program has received funding from the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade to support its work on this important health issue and in recognition of the program’s excellence.