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Robert Greer

Forest Lawn general manger Danny Lynch told Jefferson County Judge Raquel West that Robert Greer’s destruction of cemetery property “was not a victimless crime.”

According to Lynch, 19 families were affected, and monetary and emotional havoc was wreaked when Greer decided – on two separate occasions in late 2015 – to take human remains and the urns they were housed in.

Yei Daniels answers questions from the media.

It’s been over six years since Yei Daniels and her family were taken hostage and tortured in their own house by an intruder who stabbed and shot the home’s occupants, leaving her paralyzed, but she said she remembers the event as if it happened only yesterday.

High Five 05-26-2016

Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s assistance in getting dangerous drug dealers and drug users, along with the poisonous products they carry, off the streets. To that end, The Examiner will periodically feature a list of five persons accused of drug-related crimes here in High Five.

“Crime Stoppers and The Examiner are teaming up to fight the drug problem in Southeast Texas,” Beaumont Police Officer Carol Riley of Crime Stoppers said.


Two teen drivers involved in a crash in Orange County were being treated at a local hospital after the collision off FM 105 north of Vidor May 24, Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Stephanie Davies reported in a news release. 

Kadie Odom

A Vidor woman clinging to life in a local hospital succumbed to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. The Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed that 27-year-old Vidor resident Kadie Odom died May 24 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash that occurred on May 22.