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Helen Cox

Helen Cox told police that she gambled in three different states and spent more than $70,000 from the Lumberton Band booster club account over a five-month period to “relieve stress from work and [her] divorce,” according to the probable cause affidavit for her arrest notarized Nov. 30. Cox had been appointed treasurer of the club the previous school year in April, and the board signed her onto the account in late May and issued her a debit card early June.

Woods’ administrative assistant Edie Francis said Woods had been a great boss.

An emotional Sheriff Mitch Woods bade a fond farewell to staff, fellow peace officers and friends of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office during a retirement celebration for the longtime lawman on Dec. 2. Woods is saying goodbye after 42 years of service to the Southeast Texas community.

“You’ve all made me look good,” a tearful Woods told deputies and staff at the party. “I can’t express my appreciation enough. My wish is that the sheriff’s office continues to progress. … I’m confident it will.


The Wayne A. Reaud Building is no doubt the centerpiece of what will be the new front door to Lamar University. However, there are several other pieces to this puzzle that will present an inviting and attractive gateway to students, faculty and other visitors to the campus.

Arundo along a Hill Country stream

A coalition of government and nonprofit conservation groups is expanding the war on Arundo (Arundo donax), an invasive plant that threatens to take over scenic Hill Country rivers.


A Little Cypress Junior High student brought an unloaded BB gun to class on Tuesday, Dec. 6. Staff retrieved the BB gun early in the morning.

Since "a BB gun is not classified as a firearm under federal law, no legal charges were brought against the student," LCM CISD Community Relations coordinator Sherry Combs said in a release.

However, Combs also said that LCM CISD will be "assign[ing] consequences to the student according to the student code of conduct."