Chad Cooper


It’s a pretty common occurrence in college football — schedule teams that you know you can beat. They all do it, year in and year out. But many teams have that luxury.

Take, for instance, Texas A&M. The Aggies play in arguably the toughest conference in all of football — the Southeastern Conference. So their non-conference schedule this season includes Lamar, Rice, SMU and University of Louisiana-Monroe. The reason is because their conference schedule includes LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Mississippi State, Missouri and Ole Miss.


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Terry Evans

I said it three years ago. To be exact, it was in the March 31-April 6, 2011 edition of The Examiner that I said Pat Knight was not a good candidate for the Lamar men’s basketball job. He was fired from Texas Tech after having a 16-42 record in the Big 12. In that particular column, I wrote, “I don’t think Knight is a good fit at Lamar. I don’t see him staying long in Beaumont, and we’d be right back to where we are now — searching for a coach.