Golden Triangle Days

Over 300 leaders from the Golden Triangle and Rep. Phelan and Sen. Creighton

“The value of legislative groups traveling to Austin is inestimable,” according to former State Sen. Carl Parker, and this past week, the Golden Triangle’s voice was heard when the chambers of Orange, Beaumont and Port Arthur collaborated to host Golden Triangle Days in the state’s capital from Sunday, March 5 – Tuesday, March 7. 

Parker is one of the original founders of Port Arthur Day, a Port Arthur exclusive event similar to Golden Triangle Days held before the Chambers decided to collaborate.


Weather was an issue last week, with snow falling in every state except Hawaii and Florida. A sharp increase in black bear attacks had Floridians on the alert. Closer to home, hundreds of local citizens battled rain and dense fog to travel to Austin for the biannual Golden Triangle Days at the state capital where they talked, listened and even made a little merry with lawmakers, government officials and their respective staffs.