Sea Rim State Park


The beach advisory previously issued on July 25 is withdrawn.

That advisory was issued after water samples collected were found to have elevated levels of the Enterococcus bacteria. The U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency considers anything over 104 colonies to be unsafe. At present the levels are considered safe.

Lamar University continues to test and monitor this water and based upon their results, further advisories will be issued as necessary.

- Jefferson County Courthouse - Judge Jeff R. Branick's Office

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Yellowfin Elite Redfish Tournament Series Tournament invites the public to attend the weigh-in on Saturday, April 30. From noon to 5 p.m., the public can watch the Super 7 finalists weigh their fish on Pleasure Island. And then there’s the Sea Rim State Park-sponsored youth fishing rodeo, music, activities and food vendors. Gator Country will bring gators and other critters. You just bring your lawn chair.

Ben Herman

As he climbs into his 4x4 pickup truck on a somewhat stormy Friday morning, June 13, the Park Superintendent of Sea Rim State Park, Ben Herman, made room for his passenger amid radio gear, a small bit of paperwork and an M4