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flood levels marked by red line and discoloration of foliage in Day-Use Area

Harvey caused flooding throughout Texas that locals had never seen before, not only for neighborhoods and homes but also for the diverse wildlife that lives in the Big Thicket.

Deer drowned, snakes were displaced, and alligators came up in unexpected places, according to park staff.

But despite Harvey’s “unprecedented” flooding in late August, about 22 of the Big Thicket National Preserve’s 40 miles of trails were accessible by Sept. 18, National Park Service spokesperson Jason Ginder said in a release, only a few weeks after the hurricane.

signs addressing voting for an Orange County hospital district

Orange County voters have until Tuesday, Dec. 19, to decide how they feel about the possibility of a new hospital district and cast their ballots in the contentious election.

Residents have a lot to consider, with proponents and opponents voicing their concerns in town hall meetings and all over social media.

The first train loaded with ethanol arrives at Jefferson Energy Terminal

Green Plains Inc. and Jefferson Energy Companies, a subsidiary of Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC, recently announced that their joint venture, JGP Energy Partners, loaded its first vessel with nearly 3 million gallons of ethanol destined for Brazil. The joint venture is currently loading its second shipment of 10 million gallons of ethanol on a vessel bound for India.


It has been six months since 19-year-old pregnant mother Kera Teel was fatally shot at an apartment complex in Beaumont. After what police have referred to as a “very complex” investigation that resulted in the catch and release of two suspects initially believed involved in the fatal attack, police have arrested and charged two juveniles with capital murder for Teel’s death and attempted capital murder for a later Yorktown shooting.

Jack Brooks Federal Courthouse, Beaumont

Just released from federal prison after serving the better part of a decade behind bars for allegiances made with jihadi fighters in Somalia in 2009, convicted terrorist Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed is now alleged to be providing support to the terrorist organization typically referred to as ISIS while in Beaumont, prosecutors contend in new charges unsealed in court this past week.