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Summer and Aaron and Conn






For more information about a fundraiser for the Conns' children, click the link below:



UPDATE: Marchelle Washington, 14, is reported safe at home with her family as of Friday morning, Nov. 30.

Twenty-four hours is a long time when you don’t where your child is.


Standing next to her budding winter garden of lettuce, collards, turnips and banana peppers, Ethel August pointed to the blue tarp on her roof and lamented.

“The roof is leaking real bad in the kitchen,” said August, whose home on Forrest Street still bears a sun-worn blue tarp more than four years after Hurricane Ike damaged her roof in September 2008.

Julia Rhoton Andrews and Randy Peddy

UPDATE: Signed statement from shooter details altercation that led to a Vidor man's death.