While the district as a whole “met standard,” multiple Beaumont ISD campuses were rated as “improvement required” in the 2017 accountability reports released on Tuesday, Aug. 15.

Smith, MLK, and South Park middle schools are all improvement required. Vincent, Odom, and Marshall middle schools met standard.

Caldwood, Pietzch-MacArthur, Blanchette, Martin, Jones-Clark, Charlton Pollard and Fehl elementary schools are all rated improvement required. Curtis, Fletcher, Guess, Amelia, Regina, Homer, and Dishman elementary schools met standard.


Dr. Jimmy Simmons said he was asked to continue to serve as part of the Beaumont ISD Board of Mangers by Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath to assist in making a smooth transition to an elected Board of Trustees after the May election.

“It was a tough decision,” Simmons said, but he agreed to stay on. According to him, the request to stay was one directed at the entire panel of Board of Managers members, who have been in place for nearly three years already. The group unanimously accepted the elongated call of duty.

TEA Deputy Commissioner of Governance A.J. Crabill takes questions.

“It’s not what you think it is,” Region 5 Education Service Center Director Dr. Danny Lovett told a group of about a dozen attendees sitting in on Saturday training designed to educate anyone who may be interested in what it will take to be part of the Beaumont Independent School District’s new Board of Managers. 

Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath


The current individual members of the Beaumont Independent School District (“BISD”) Board of Managers have announced they will step down from their positions no later than the end of May 2017. The Board of Managers made this announcement Thursday, July 21, at its monthly general meeting.

Mike Morath

Gov. Greg Abbott appointed Mike Morath on Dec. 14 to be the commissioner of the Texas Education Agency. He will oversee the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the state’s 1,200 school districts and charter schools.

school bus

With the recent school bus accident that killed and injured multiple students in Houston still in the news and on the minds of parents everywhere, the Texas Education Agency has been answering tough questions about school bus safety belt regulations and state funding meant to ensure those regulations were adhered to.

Beaumont ISD

More than a year after reports of widespread, educator-sanctioned cheating on standardized tests at the Beaumont Independent School District were submitted to the Texas Education Agency, the governmental entity has yet to release findings from any investigation into the matter. Also under review for just as long are reports of BISD staff committing attendance fraud to rake in millions of dollars in unwarranted state and federal funding, with teacher-supplied evidence handed over to the TEA to assist in its investigation.

TEA Commissioner Michael Williams and BISD teacher Alisa Courts

By Alisa Courts

Special to The Examiner

Monday, July 21, The Examiner gave me the opportunity to meet with Texas Education Agency Commissioner of Education Michael Williams alongside various local media outlets. After receiving our clearance to visit with him, we were ushered to the fifth floor of the Edison Plaza building. Moments later, Commissioner Williams entered the room, joined us at the table where we were seated, and greeted us.